This product is designed to provide electronic control of the vacuum machine.

It can be remotely integrated or controlled by optional input and output.

This product consists of two electronic control cards: AC motor control card and LCD Panel Card.

Special vacuuming methods can be kept in the memory of the electronic card and a quick setup menu can be created.

There is a Soft Air Menu that prevents fragile products such as Porcelain and Glass from being damaged during the vacuum process.

All bags can be closed smoothly with the Bag Welding Adjustment Menu.

Precise vacuuming can easily do so with the Adjustable Vacuum Menu.

20 menus can be created where these settings can be saved.

With internet connection, fault status and history records, Periodic Maintenance Times and Oil life life information can be monitored.

It can work in compatible with Integrated Systems with RS485 connection.

This project was carried out by Crompack for Vacuum industries  in 2012.