When people have their own problems, they can’t solve other people’s problems.


Life starts to feel hard.

Whereas beginnings are always difficult. Beginnings are always painful…

It’s like being in the dark. People can’t see in the dark.

Whereas humans looking for familiar voices.


Because only voices are familiar to us.

If those voices don’t exist?

The only darkness, darkness and darkness ahead of us.


“Yes, you may be right.”

you said, from to inside: “But I want to walk”

People who want to walk in the dark don’t know where they’re going.

When people want to walk, they tripped and fell to the ground.

So after?

They’re looking for a branch to hold on to, or a helping hand.

Whereas when we were kids, our mother or father used to hold our hands.

We’d go everywhere with him without thinking.

Now it’s up to us,


A friend, perhaps who knows? 

Just a friend…


What if there’s no one who knows his heart?

Or if your hearth is in the dark

Or if you’re really in the dark.

If that’s the case, the result is that you’re going to Loneliness, loneliness and loneliness.


If you want to erase bad memories and start your life over again.

So, what you need


You keep your good memories of the past in the best place in your heart.


Putting an end to the sentences and dreams  you said in the past. 

So, what you need.

It’s just a point.


This articles was written by Sadık Sume



Sadık SÜME


If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong