Technical Specifications

  • UHF RFID Reader is easily installed on the Pumps at the station.
  • It operates in the Standby state in the Fuel Station, in the Sleep mode.
  • The current motion sensor understands that the Fuel Pump is located in the petrol tank of the vehicle coming from the Station.
  • Fuel Pump, Vehicle coming to the station; are placed in the gasoline tank. If you have UHF RFID TAG information; Gives Filling Approval for Fuel Station Program.
  • With the Fuel Station Receiver, it can communicate up to 1 km distance at 868 Mhz RF Wireless.
  • It can work for 2.5 years with an average of 500 cents per day.
  • In external interventions, it finds out that the plastic crate has been removed and informs the station.
  • It measures indoor temperature and keeps an instant record.
  • The battery status is reported to the pre-approval station.
  • How many times it communicates with the system internally holds true.
  • It has a unique Uniqe ID number.
The following safety certifications are available for the battery;
  • UL Component Recognition File Number MH45330
  • Compliant with IEC 86-4 safety standard.

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